At first I wasn’t sure about using this soap but I really love it!! I love the active charcoal it has in it seems to help a lot with any acne. As well as I stopped using shampoo for my hair and have been using this soap instead and it has made a difference and my hair is so much softer. I also love the smell it works great for me or for guys as well! Its the perfect soap! Would defiantly recommend!
— Meranda S. (Verified buyer)
This soap is definitely a must buy!!! It helps with my acne, even better than the soap that was recommended by my facialist. I’m glad I bought it and I cant wait to try the others. I currently bathe with the peppermint soap and use it on my face. It easy to lather and doesn’t dry out my skin. It gives my skin a glow and keeps the surface smooth and moist.
— Juana K. (Verified Buyer)
The soaps were soooo creamy and the scents absolutely awesome! Loved the manner in which they were packed in the lovely wrappings! Just hope u add lotions soon!!!
— Kathleen ( Verified buyer)