Become a Camaleta’s Soap Bars Brand Ambassador


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Our natural, cruelty free skin care company is in search of individuals who are just as passionate about the same. We're searching for highly talented + extremely dedicated individuals who are eager to showcase Camaleta’s Soap Bars.

About our Brand Ambassador Program

The mission of a Camaleta’s Soap Bars Ambassador is to increase brand awareness and promoting our products. In which manner you chose to do this is completely up to you! But we recommend using your social media platforms and reach out to your followers. Another, more personal, way to fulfill the role of an ambassador is the good old way of mouth to mouth. Tell your friends, family or even perhaps colleagues or class mates about our wonderful products! You’ll receive 20% commission of the combined sales your personal discount code makes at the end of each month.

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Brand Ambassador Requirements

- Venmo username: This is how you get paid. Type your username associated with your Venmo account. Link to sign up for Venmo.

Sign up below, ALL IS WELCOME, there is no purchase or minimum followers requirement. Camaleta’s Soap Bars has always been about self-love and we will never limit anyone that wants to help us spread that message.

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How It Works

  • Fill out the form

  • Receive a personal 10% off discount code to share

  • Receive 20% commission of the combined sales your personal discount code makes at the end of each month.

Program Terms and Policies

When and how you get Paid!

We will start with monthly payouts between the 25-30th of each month. You will get paid directly to your Venmo account or you can also have a gift card issued to your account if you choose! 

Thresholds? - There is no minimum balance for payouts.

How to promote Camaleta’s Soap Bars?

  • As ambassadors you have access to all of the media that Camaleta’s Soap Bars already shares, feel free to take and repost any of our photos to help you reach your personal goals. 

  • Share on social media, personal blogs, YouTube videos etc.

  • We do ask that you DO NOT use paid marketing platforms without approval from Camaleta’s Soap Bars.